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Thursday, 17 October 2019

The new trend in personal
adornment: fashion-conscious
pubic hairdressing

The Adolf Cut is gaining ground. Have nipple-piercing and tramp stamps had their day?

After cats with Hitler moustaches, veganism, and fascism, ADOLF is once more setting a new global trend, this time in pubic hairstyling.

ADOLF pubic shaving is becoming a megatrend, not only in WAXING and SM studios and at swingers’ parties, but also on the Internet. Currently flourishing on FACEBOOK, TWITTER and YOUTUBE is a lively exchange of intimate photos and videos that have what it takes to add another iconic variant to hairstyling phenomena such as the Elvis Quiff, the Mushroom Cut, the Afro, dreadlocks, sidelocks, and the Iroquois: the “Tummy Tickler” or “Poontang Mustache,” as it is affectionately known in its country of origin.

Certain relevant forums are already displaying miniature wigs, tattoos in the Moustache Look and even trompe-l’oeuil paintings, and the first hairdressing salon exclusively offering ADOLF LOOK pubic shaving has just opened in – of all places – Braunau am Inn.

To show how far the trend has progressed: Whereas the younger generation used until recently to regard it as a mark of virility and potency to have hairy balls, they now have to have their scrotum hair trimmed square if they really want to be “with it.” The color is said to be immaterial, but – to cite a manufacturer of pubic wigs – “brown is all the rage.”


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